Schatz Family

Lynn Alan Schatz
Lynn has served as Minister of Music/Worship Leader for over 40 years in ABA churches in Arkansas and Louisiana. He was born in Sullivan Missouri and studied at the University of Kansas, Ouachita Baptist University, Missionary Baptist Seminary and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and taught at MidSouth Baptist Institute. Bro Lynn has been on staff at South Side since September of 2004.


“Events of recent years have re-emphasized to me the need to really trust God and to honor Him with worship and praise. He has used South Side to provide the opportunity and the liberty to return to Him all that He has given me.”


Worshiping God is the simple act of acknowledging Him as “THE ONE” of greatest value. Complicated only by my failure to obey and trust Him though He’s the Savior of my soul, the Lord and King of my life, the one who loved me when I was unlovable, who continues to care and provide for me though I take Him for granted, that remains faithful to me even when I’m rebellious toward Him.

Music provides an opportunity to fulfill God’s motive for our creation, PRAISE. The ultimate response of the creature to the creator is to try to adhere to His objective, to reflect His glory, beauty not self-generated, but found in the timbre, the texture, the resonance of the individual voice given by God to use for His honor. The inherent beauty in the relationships of dissonance and consonance of harmony obtained by joining our voices to collectively praise Him with talents that He gave with the expectation of their return to Him with interest. All of this set to words that praise His worth, tell of His attributes, share His blessings or proclaim His message