Pettit Family

I love my FAMILY…
My family journey began in 1976 when I was fortunate enough to be born into the home of Jerry & Kathy Pettit. My parents had already provided me a brother, Kevin, and a sister, Ann, and did the very best they could to provide a life of love for our FAMILY. My parents modeled for me and my siblings, the Christian walk that would shape not just the home we lived in but the homes each of us would make when we had a FAMILY of our own.

At the age of ten, I became part of a new FAMILY when I placed my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. After trusting Jesus with my Eternity, I was baptized and began a new journey as a member of Macedonia Baptist Church, Humnoke, AR. This new FAMILY would provide more love and guidance for me that would reinforce the teachings that had begun in the home of my parents.

On November 2, 2002, I began the greatest journey I could ever image when I promised Natalie that I would love her for the rest of my life. Now I am responsible for my own FAMILY and wanted the Lord to be pleased with me. Natalie and I have been given three children that grace (Gracie), complete (Emma) and are gifts from God (Jonathan) to make up our FAMILY.

In March of 2014, God would lead us to be a part of another FAMILY: South Side Missionary Baptist Church. I must say that my FAMILY means everything to me. Inside this church are some of the most precious gifts that we could hope to know and love. I thank you for letting us be a part of this FAMILY of God, to be part of your FAMILY and the love of Christ.

I really love my FAMILY!